I Bit Off More Than I Could Chew

by Cubicles

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The debut ep of Cubicles.

Facebook - www.facebook.com/cubiclespoppunk

Members are:

Joshua Doctolero - Guitar/Vocals
Marky Enriquez - Bass/Vocals
Bren Pasamba - Guitar/Vocals
JM De Guzman - Drums


released February 7, 2014

Recorded at Easy Audio Recording Studios - www.facebook.com/easyaudiorecordingstudio



all rights reserved


Continent Records Metro Manila, Philippines

Continent is a DIY label based in the Las Pinas/Paranaque area of Metro Manila. Headed by Jaime Abellar and Tani Carino. The label aims to promote the local underground music of the area/surrounding areas. Go to shows, support the scene!

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Track Name: If Parents Were Pokemon Cards, I'll Trade Mine For A Charizard
I think, it's better if I don't exist.
Do you give a damn If I fucking leave this house?
I guess, you realize that I’m no good.
Do you give a shit If I'm dropping out of school?
Hey dad, is this what you always want to me, to grow up a fucked up, stupid kid?
Hey mom, look and tell me what you see?
Tell me, is this good enough for you.
Life happens when you're least expecting it.
You try to be perfect all the time but people around you don't give a shit about what you do.
I'm sick and tired, I want to go home.
Track Name: About Her
The first time I saw you, I never felt anything this weird.
I sit right beside you I never felt so alone again.
The first time I heard you, your voice, it keeps ringing in my head.
The look in your eyes, it feels like you're stealing my heart away.
The first time I kissed you, your lips keep melting me down.
I held on to your soft hands, I don't want to let this go.
The minute I saw your smile I swear I fell in love.
When every time I see her face, it takes me away to a better place.
I just want to be alone with your smile, please stay with me for a while.
Track Name: MILF
I always see her every day, at your house where I want to stay.
She bakes us cookies after we skate, she looks for us when we're out late.
She likes to listen to Nirvana, but her husband loves Madonna I love her red lipstick, not seeing her make me feel sick Even though she's so tired, she's still hot she's on fire.
I wish I was 27, so I can feel her heaven.
I love your mom, I want your fucking mother.
I love your mom, please can I have her?
I love your mom, age doesn't matter.
I love your mom.
Track Name: Pipebomb
I will try to grow up and fix myself and I hope that it'll be enough for you to see right through me, because I won't be the one you want me to be.
I promised that I won't force myself to fit into something I don't belong. Because now, cut me I'll bleed, I'm not ashamed, I’m gonna show the scars.
I'm the book you always open but you never read.
Turn the pages, you're not going to find me here.
I won't change, no I won't change for you.