by Cadenzabler

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The band's debut ep.


released January 20, 2017

All songs written by the band.

Engineered, Mixed and Mastered in Barbarian studios in Cainta, Rizal

Gewalt and 17,000 drum tracks were recorded at This Is Where I Make Music and tracked by Regie Villanueva.

Sia Italia and Mutter Supiya drum tracks were recorded at Heartwork Inc. Morong, Rizal and tracked by Gibson Santiago.

Artwork/album cover by Ryan "Bones" Dizon.



all rights reserved


Continent Records Metro Manila, Philippines

Continent is a DIY label based in the Las Pinas/Paranaque area of Metro Manila. Headed by Jaime Abellar and Tani Carino. The label aims to promote the local underground music of the area/surrounding areas. Go to shows, support the scene!

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Track Name: Gewalt
Zurivost, silnicie, jihad-ahimsa, gewalt.
Darabtum, vehemence, nasiljie, gewalt.
Vakivalta, heri-setra, kekerasan.
Darabtum, vehemence, vakivalta, gewalt.
Rest in peace for these innocent.
All of us were treated like the animals.
And our bodies twitches with unbearable pain.
We have just done nothing but to cry on.
The rest of the dead did not come to living until the thousand years was ended.
Rifles are pointed to heads of these people.
No one bothers to escape up on this!
And now please listen, a wounded world was falling now.
Is this the way we end and leave your plot?
And still no one knows were we're at.
(In this darkened place.)
No food, shelter was just a mat.
(And was torn apart.)
Embraced sorrow in every night.
(Hope this fate will end.)
This is a scream of your helpless sons.
(We're your hopeless son.)
Lord how long will we be here?
We're suffering for this month long.
Our families are worried now.
They think we already died.
Take us out alive, fear was burdened out, and please take us out with distance; we're safe.
As fear in every hearts will now subside.
We will be saved by the faith alone, but the faith that saves was not alone.
Faith is now your option to have courage to sail.
And this is something one must have everyday.
Do not be afraid of what you're about to suffer.
Even though you're dying, have faith.
Be faithful to the point of your death.
Track Name: Sia Italia
We shall drink up this heavy bowl of pain.
Together we'll rise again from the storm.
We, the dead cities' children.
We passed through the centuries.
As silence aiming the living with stardust.
So give me the light to put a way on this dark cold.
Tell me when revenge is calling and I will be just right here by your side!
If I could die alone in this cold winter fight, at least I have done my will of freedom!
Up above this castle I raise my sword and flag, guided by the armor and by grace from up above!
Spinning arrows, spilling blood.
Winning this battle with all our might.
We reign!
We sang!
Defended our holy land!
We raise this bottle!
We reign this battle!
Dead bodies all around me!
They come, they've tried but they can't!
Days come and still cant get through us all!
Track Name: 17,000
Your own life has/full of mystery.
Distracting you to do your will.
You want to create, yeah I want to create.
I'm with desperation, without inspiration.
The whole world is waking me.
The life I have is misery.
I'll set myself, be burned in fire.
Come watch me and pull that match.
No one seems to care.
You had my innocence, have used my ignorance.
This is a scream of a helpless son.
No actions taken, endless disappoinment.
Have got absolutely nothing/help from you.
The rhythm is all yours.
Why can't you break your cell and I'll be your guide?
I myself had been sold into slavery.
Investing flowers, one hand to another.
All day I'm waiting on with patience, but it seems that I'm waiting for none.
I've listened much to what you say.
I've listened.
Track Name: Mutter Supiya
I think we lost, it was all lost, I'm shaking, the stunning beauty should be restored.
I would sit here, in the wooded area where my body dwelt into place.
Protect your own, protect the ones we have.
In time it will perish.
How amazing it all exists.
Running water from the mountain breeze.
All the branches are swaying, whistles winds.
And so I believe that we are all living by purpose.
Blessings that comes to whom we should be thankful to.
We, as his people are here to be responsible.
Protect and share and we can create much more.
We should break the mistakes, we have done all of this.
The design of the hills and the mountains and the trees.
We are warned with a please, and the prophets still read.
We have done all of these.
I'm breaking up all the mistakes.
You help me out cause no one cares for this.
Protect it for them.
Protect it all for them.
Save the Earth for our future!