Against Better Judgement

by Tropical Parts

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The new ep from Tropical Parts.

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Members are:

Arom Marquez - Bass/Vocals
Jerome Belisario - Guitar/Vocals
JM De Guzman - Drums


released March 13, 2016

Recorded, mixed and mastered at This Is Where I Make Music -

Artwork by Blanche Llanes



all rights reserved


Continent Records Metro Manila, Philippines

Continent is a DIY label based in the Las Pinas/Paranaque area of Metro Manila. Headed by Jaime Abellar and Tani Carino. The label aims to promote the local underground music of the area/surrounding areas. Go to shows, support the scene!

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Track Name: I'm Listening
How can I forget the things you said to me?
Clouded with uncertainty, I'm dying.
And all that's left.
All things that I could see lingers on the thoughts of being gone.
Let's not pretend.
I'm listening.
I cannot forget the things you said to me.
You'd keep me in the light, you're lying.
And for what it's worth, let's not pretend I'm not here, because I haven't given up yet, I'm still breathing.
So let's pretend I'm not alone and you're still here.
I'll leave this in the dark so you wouldn't know.
I know you'd like that, cause even if you tried it wouldn't make things right.
And in all respect I'll grant you one thing, just one, I'll make myself disappear.
Track Name: Blue Rose
You're losing your mind from the shadows that she hides away when you're not around, unlocking every door, in despair but wanting more.
You're damaged, full of pain.
Realize she'll fade away.
Avoiding every cure, mistreated eyes to endure.
Are you honest?
You worry a lot for things unseen.
You worry a lot, now say what you mean.
You're damaged, full of pain.
Realize she's beautiful.
Leave it all to me.
You're damaged, full of pain.
Realize she's unfaithful.
Track Name: Innocence
My eyes catches yours and all I see is innocence.
I can't seem to speak, or even breathe at the thoughts of you.
I remembered when I had respect towards you and myself, and no one else.
How are you doing this with those big black eyes?
Why are you doing this?
I've had my share of lies.
How are you doing this?
It makes me feel alive.
Why are you ding this?
It makes me feel alive.
I'm in pieces,pieces of the things I thought I was.
I couldn't seem to speak, or even breathe from the thoughts of you.
Track Name: Shrinking Violet
I'm worried sick of my intentions, not knowing when would I get distracted.
You're clever, while I'm falling apart.
If I held on, would you feel neglected?
Have you seen me on my darkest hours?
Isolated, contemplating on words of hope, eyeing every bit of light, I'm dying to know.
You're staring at the ceiling, courtesy of fear.
These times are changing for someone who has less of everything.
Tell me what's comforting in all the noise you're hearing?
Have you seen me on my darkest hours?
Isolated, well you've been ignored, I'm Shrinking Violet.
Separating what I need from what I thought was real in my life.
Conscience, I'm moving on, just like the time that you said you cared.
You're walking towards me but you're looking away.
The fear of losing trust.
Diffused glow, drown the past.