Welcome To The Monkey House

by The Mind Is A Terrible Thing

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The debut ep of The Mind Is A Terrible Thing.


released January 28, 2016

Breather & Soup Snake recorded at This Is Where I Make Music

Mixed and Mastered by Miguel Querubin (www.facebook.com/TheAuralith)

What These Arms Are For & Radio Laws recorded at Rhy's house

Artwork by Thea Cinco (twitter.com/brgycaptain)



all rights reserved


Continent Records Metro Manila, Philippines

Continent is a DIY label based in the Las Pinas/Paranaque area of Metro Manila. Headed by Jaime Abellar and Tani Carino. The label aims to promote the local underground music of the area/surrounding areas. Go to shows, support the scene!

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Track Name: Breather
Everybody’s wearing suits and ties and it got me into thinking, "when will I settle down to nine to five’s?"
"Sell off my gear and dress in corporate?"
Because my body’s getting old but my head is still stuck in this mess.

Wait for me, I just need a breather.
And all my friends, they could pretend.
This is the situation they chose to be in now.

I’m guessing we could never be the astronauts, the pilots and the surgeons.
Everything we thought the world to be when we were three was make believe, aspirations thrown into the wind, you see?
We are who we pretend to be so...

I never thought I would be one of you.
Tongue tied and supervised.
I never lied so much in my life.
Getting involved in petty crimes no one will know, for your sake, for the sake of your company.
Wait for me.
Wait for me.
Track Name: What These Arms Are For
Waiting for something to strike my interest.
I've been keeping my eyes out for days.
Maybe it's the altitude that's keeping me awake, or the zigzags and the gorges that I'm passing by with haste.
While my passenger's asleep, I pray that I could keep a mental picture of the time we spent driving through the roads we've never been.
Open windows, breathing in the air that we wish we could take back home.
The weather's just right for us, cold but we could keep each other warm. I'm keeping you encased in this embrace, so you'll know what these arms are for.
Track Name: Soup Snake
I can honestly say that I have done almost anything to make each fight last for just one day,
But you’ve been making bad decisions when you’re angry.

Cut open my skull and see my brain and how it functions, so you wouldn’t assume that I treat you just like the others.
Let’s have it your way.
Let’s not talk for days or weeks cause maybe it could solve this mess that we’ve been piling up.
Let’s have it your way.
I’m done losing sleep from arguments that shouldn’t have ever existed in the first place.

And all this time, I’ve considered what’s best for both of us for me to let go of who I am.
But it only made things worse.
And now I feel that if I lose you, I’ll never have anything.

What’s the point of doing something about it when everything I’ve done wouldn’t matter?
Track Name: Radio Laws
I don't owe you an apology.
Just suck it up and leave me be.
Alone like I'm supposed to be, you said so yourself.
I’ve only brought you disappointment, I can't agree enough.

Did you ever think that I would grow up just like you?
Well seeing how you raised me up I don't think that I want to.
I’m being modest when I say that you're the worst father in the world.

I don’t think you understand that I didn’t fall from your tree, that I don't need your pity.
It’s the same fucking sermon that I’ve fucking heard a million times.

I hope your worst fears come to life.
When you'd have to pay a person just to be by your side.
You’ve invested on the wrong things, now it might be too late.
And I will be just fine.