Sudden Change

by Speak for yourself

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The debut ep of Speak for yourself.

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released April 3, 2016



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Continent Records Metro Manila, Philippines

Continent is a DIY label based in the Las Pinas/Paranaque area of Metro Manila. Headed by Jaime Abellar and Tani Carino. The label aims to promote the local underground music of the area/surrounding areas. Go to shows, support the scene!

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Track Name: Purist
Yesterday's glory restraining your chance.
Drag me down.
Corrupted meaning, seek validity.
Wear your crown.
Forced division.
Trust your ethics, message to convey.
Purist, don't break away.
Security from the tested standard.
We maintain.
Avoid resistance, mob mentality.
Label claimed.
is this freedom?
We fall in line.
Track Name: March Forward
Time and again you'll be left for dead.
The battle is not over yet.
Stained by regret, go forgive yourself.
Realize what you're truly worth.
You're worth more than this medal.
It's the truth, we're prepared.
The faith that holds us will get us through.
There's no shame, we're the same.
Abandoned servants.
Trained to commit, a consent to shoot.
Blood pay the bills, I can't dispute.
With heavy hearts, we do what we're told.
Peace denied till the very end.
The end, did you serve your purpose?
March forward, I declare this grave as proof of my honor.
Track Name: Savages
Danger lurks in the depths of every man.
Urge to give in to the heart's desire.
Reality I can't dismiss.
Justify the brutality we live by.
Courage revealed behind the gun.
Safety is a state of mind.
Give me something worth living for.
The world is waiting, justice on hold.
Anomalies and apologies.
We're on our own, breeding savages.
Breathe in the ambition that consumes us.
Willing to put morality aside.
Compassion and guilt is gone.
Opportunity is reserved to the brave.
Malice and greed, we're not depraved.
I'm too proud to take the blame.
Track Name: Dynasty
Take note of everything I'll say.
Image and influence over dignity.
Carry the torch of our empire.
Demand respect, welcome casualties.
Birth of a dream, it's time, get ready.
Steal, kill and lie, heroes will fall.
Burn, leave them dry, playing the role.
Don't be misguided by sympathy.
They mean nothing, beyond control.
Equality is just a myth.
Despise minority, cradle prejudice.
Present yourself before these fools.
Pose as a saint, gather benefits.
This family defines you.