Chasing Downers

by Tropical Parts

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The debut ep of Tropical Parts.

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Members are:

Arom Marquez - Bass/Vocals
Joshua Doctolero - Guitar/Vocals
Jerome Belisario - Guitar/Vocals
JM De Guzman - Drums


released February 15, 2014

Recorded at Easy Audio Recording Studios -



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Continent Records Metro Manila, Philippines

Continent is a DIY label based in the Las Pinas/Paranaque area of Metro Manila. Headed by Jaime Abellar and Tani Carino. The label aims to promote the local underground music of the area/surrounding areas. Go to shows, support the scene!

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Track Name: Freddy Krueger
I am getting closer but the finish line's too far
I've almost lost hope
It better not be those times that you proved your ways, cause you've been lying to my face.

You've got a way with words to me, what's the point of seeing through yourself if you can't accept the fact that you're wrong.
You just don't shut doors when you feel offended by these words that were once yet untold.
Once yet untold.

Direction, is pretty pointless with controlled minds, to be fair I've been slipping through the cracks.
Track Name: Sunny Side
We're getting back what we owned, we finally found what we are looking for, looking back at the roads we chose, knowing that there's more in-store for us to be this way.
Getting up but looking down, our fists are slammed underground, treading through the eerie crowd, trying to believe there's a sunny side.
They do not care in what we believe in, they do not believe in what we can do, all we're trying to achieve is to get a glimpse of the mirrored truth that you have been taking from us.
Track Name: Cakeflower
My dreams were flattned out way before, right from the start it was over. The silence is ringing in my head, I can't decipher anything you say rope me up until its all gone.
I've lost track from the times you weren't there.
My life is going nowhere
I've sheltered myself long enough, from faces and things I've used to hate.
Release me (do you believe my tragedy)
Delete me (or is it just insanity)
This time I tried.
Well open your eyes, and I'll tell you.
I'll say it loud, I'll write it down just like the first time of knowing.
I'll say it loud I'll write it down just like the first time of failing.
Stay in my dreams
Stay in my dreams